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When we first saw Emy Reyes on set, she simply blew us away. Emy has fantastic girl/girl skills, she loves to get it on with other women. The night we met Emy we knew that we had to add her to our site. Emy's family is from Honduras and Emy was born in Miami, Florida. She joined the adult industry in 2008 and has made a lot of fans. Emy says her favorite part of being a porn star is knowing that many people watch her when she's having sex. Emy told us that kissing makes her very horny so we knew she would fit in great here at KissMe Girl. Emy has a very petite figure and looks like the innocent girl next door, but she's actually a sexual beast with a dirty mind.



Stars: London, Emy DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Happy Days!! I know that many of you love Emy, so do we and it was awesome to have her back here at KissMe Girl. We had actually gotten numerous requests to see Emy paired with London. I have to say that they look amazing together, I don't know that I've seen a Hispanic girl paired with a Japanese American girl, but it sure looks good. As all of you know, London and Emy both love to be passionate and aggressive, so we knew that these two would really get after one another, and boy were we right!! It's always fun to watch a tiny girl like Emy mix it up with a girl like London, I enjoy the contrast. London still blows me away with her perfect natural breasts, I swear those boobs get better every time I see them, and she also sports beautiful nipples!! Shooting London and Emy was easy, just turn on the camera and follow the action, both love girls and both are very passionate about it. Emy was as cute as ever and I think I actually have a crush on London's ass!! The scene highlights include plenty of action, very passionate kissing, fantastic breast play, and plenty of different positions, including both girls lying on top of one another!! Oh yeah, I love the way London sweats in her scenes, very sexy stuff. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Ashley, Emy DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hey everyone!! Well, we're very happy to finally have Ashley Fires join us here on the site. We had always heard many very good things about Ashley and they all turned out to be true. Bobbi Star had even told us that Ashley would be a great addition. We decided to book Ashley with Emy since many of you had been asking for a return visit from Emy. Luckily, Emy was excited to return and she certainly seemed to like the looks of Ashley. These girls had never met one another so it was cool to watch them get comfortable. I have to say that Ashley is a beautiful girl, her face is gorgeous and her body is nothing sort of fantastic, her ass is especially pleasing to the eyes. In case you're wondering, Ashley is also blessed with a super cool personality. The scene is loaded with our usual variety of action, including massive amounts of passionate kissing with a very nice selection of deep kissing moments. There's also plenty of body play with some super sexy breast worship via Emy on Ashley's perfect breasts. I do believe this scene will make our deep kissing fans very happy, Ashley displayed a sexy deep kissing talent. As always pass along your thoughts. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Andy, Emy DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hey Everyone. A number of you had been asking for more Hispanic and dark skinned girls so we decided to make an effort to answer your desires. We had recently met Emy Reyes and had the chance to see her in action with another girl. After watching her work, we had no doubts about her girl/girl skills. It's super safe to say that Emy enjoys women as much as any girl we've seen in this business. Emy looks like a sweet innocent young girl next door, but she's an absolute sexual beast once the camera rolls. Andy had mentioned to us that she craves ethnic beauties so it seemed like a no brainer to pair up Andy and Emy. We had a feeling that sparks would fly between these two girls and we were right!! I have to say that I could barely keep up and these two got really nasty with the kissing, it was pretty hot and dirty. We knew that Andy enjoys making it dirty and wet, as it turns out, so does Emy. All of you sloppy kissing fans should enjoy this one. It's always hot to see two girls so turned on that they can barely catch their breath. Scene highlights include a variety of action, passionate kissing, very nice sloppy kisses, great breast worship, and some sexy grinding. Andy had the quote of the day "I give good knee". She does just that in the scene. Enoy and tell us your thoughts. Watch Trailer!!

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